White Gold Omega Necklace

Item Number: 4108

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This elegant white gold omega necklace will perfectly complement your formal or casual attire. It features the dome design and is 6mm or slightly over a quarter of an inch wide. Trendy and classy, this white gold necklace is crafted in Italy in genuine 14 karat white gold according to the highest specifications. Available in standard 16" and 18" lengths.


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37.50 grams
14k White Gold


What makes up the gram weight? Is it grams of gold? Thanks

The gram weight refers to the entire weight of the necklace, which is solid 14 karat gold.

What type of clasp does this item have and is it secure?

To view the clasp on this necklace, please click on the "Zoom In" button above or click on this link: omega necklace clasp. The clasp is very secure.

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1 20" Weight 46.875 grams
1 16" Weight 37.50 grams
1 18" Weight 42.19 grams
1 Weight 37.50 grams
2 Width 6mm