Omega Necklace

Item Number: 3908

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This beautiful 4mm omega necklace is a very popular women's jewelry item. Sometimes incorrectly called an omega chain, it is really a necklace. Created by Italian designers in solid 14 karat gold, this necklace features a dome design and is 4mm (0.4cm or 0.16") wide. It is available in 16 inch, 18 inch, and 20 inch lengths but can also be customized to, 19", 17" or 15" upon request.


1 Business Day(s)
25.20 grams
14k Yellow Gold


What type of clasp does the 4mm gold domed omega have?

Please click on this item's "Zoom In" button to see a detailed picture of the necklace that displays the clasp.

What type of clasp does the omega necklace have? Is the necklace original weight or light weight?

This necklace comes with a box clasp, which can be viewed when you click on the "Zoom In" button below the picture. The necklace is a classic omega and not a light weight omega necklace.

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1 20" Weight 31.5 grams
2 Width 4mm
1 16" Weight 25.20 grams
1 18" Weight 28.35 grams
1 Weight 25.20 grams